G.P. Ospreay & Associates is a forensic laboratory
specializing in forensic document examination,
counterfeit and forgery identification.

Forgery & Fraud: “Is the bifurcation of a single stem, but below its rise, it is still one and the same”

Forensic Document Examiner & Forgery Analyst

G. P. Ospreay

Graham Ospreay is a Forensic Document Examiner & Forgery Analyst who’s areas of professional expertise covers: Comparison and identification of handwriting, hand printing and signatures; Assessment and identification of anonymous writing; Threatening communications & risk assessment; Examination of altered documents and obscure, obliterated or erased entries; Identification of mechanical impressions, stamps and seals; Document security; Identification of historical documents including palaeographic and epigraphic research and interpretations; Decipherment of encrypted writings including graffiti related tags and markings; Authentication and Identification of antiquities and fine art; Art theft investigations; Investigation and identification of trademark infringements; Counterfeit product identification; Fraud examination and Identity theft investigation.

Graham has been called upon to give evidence and provide expert witness testimony for both criminal and civil matters in Provincial and State Courts as well as various Arbitration & Review Board Hearings. His case work is international in scope and includes forensic examinations and testimony

throughout Canada and the United States. He has provided both training & educational seminars, security and forensic investigations and opinion evidence in North and South America, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Republic, India, Pakistan, Japan, China and South Korea.

With more than 30 years of experience in his field, Graham is currently in private practice under G. P. Ospreay & Associates in Ontario, Canada.

Types of Cases Involved In
  • author identification
  • suspect or questioned signatures/initials
  • suspect or questioned handwriting/hand printing
  • disputed wills and estate documents
  • suspect and altered contracts
  • anonymous and threatening letters
  • anonymous and threatening emails, texts and e-communications
  • kidnap or extortion letters
  • disguised handwritings
  • suspect/altered insurance receipts
  • questioned sales receipts
  • mortgage/land transfers and deeds
  • dealer fraud
  • printed data recordings
  • typewritten documents
  • computer printer and photocopier identification
  • altered medical records
  • altered cheques/financial negotiables
  • stamp/seal verifications
  • accounting/bookkeeping records
  • sequence of writing entries
  • document dating issues
  • graffiti interpretation and identification
  • decipherment of encrypted writings
  • counterfeit identification
  • product diversion investigations
  • infringement of intellectual property rights
  • provenance investigations
  • forgery detection of art, antiquities and collectibles
  • wrongful dismissal
  • embezzlement
  • industrial espionage
  • intelligence and investigation cases

SERVICESWe specialize in forensic document examination, counterfeit and forgery identification.




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The Need for Effective Document Security in Combating Fraud is Higher Than Ever.

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    A forensic laboratory specializing in forensic document examination, counterfeit and forgery identification.

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