• Forensic Restitution

Forensic Restitution specializes in forensic accounting and investigative services. Our expertise includes:

  1. Forensic Accounting: We investigate financial discrepancies, fraud, and embezzlement, providing clear, detailed reports and expert witness testimony when needed.
  2. Computer Forensics: Our team retrieves, analyzes, and preserves digital evidence to support legal cases and internal investigations.
  3. Fraud Investigations: We conduct thorough investigations into fraudulent activities, helping organizations uncover and address misconduct.
  4. Litigation Support: We offer comprehensive support for legal proceedings, including data analysis, expert testimony, and financial damage assessments.
  5. Risk Management: We assist organizations in identifying and mitigating financial and operational risks through targeted audits and assessments.
  6. Procurement Fraud: We investigate procurement processes to identify and address instances of fraud, ensuring compliance and transparency.
  7. Insurance Claims: We help clients accurately prepare and substantiate business interruption and other insurance claims to ensure fair settlements.

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that we deliver thorough, accurate, and reliable services to our clients, helping them navigate complex financial challenges and legal disputes.